Summer plans

First of all, a big thank you!  for coming out to our last show at the Wire and making it such a huge success! Now ,it is time to slow it down and work on developing the new webpage some more ( ) . I also intend to add more videos/ music-videos, and new photos to the website, and really polish it up.

My plan is to also complete recording some new songs we are working on. Grant and Robert laid down bass and drum tracks, i need to finish vocals and lead guitar! I am taking the music in a more bluesy-rock direction. I really think you will love these songs even more. 

My plans for next year are to get more bookings playing at festivals in and around the Chicago area!  Wouldn't that be awesome !! 
I also hope to reach out to agencies that advocate mental health awareness, and maybe team up with them to play music at their events! That would fit nicely with my music and my work as a Psychiatrist. 



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