"Edgy Alternative-Rock/ music with soul-stirring undertones"...

A doctor by day, a musician by night...

Adnan Arif 's music is inspired by mankind's 'Eternal Spiritual Restlessness'  and the blood, sweat and tears people pour into their lives. His music is inspired by Love, Hope, Fear, Longing, Passion, Lust, Sin, Faith, Guilt, Compassion, Empathy (Human Emotion). And last but not least, it is inspired by the void, i.e. the unknown Metaphysical space between Mankind and The Heavens!

Born in England, raised in Pakistan, currently located in the city of Chicago;  Adnan Arif is a doctor by day and an Alternative-Rock musician by night!  His diverse upbringing influences his songs , which comprise of classic, melodic guitar riffs and rythmic bass and drum beats.

Adnan Arif states : " As a doctor in the field of Psychiatry, every single day when I am at work in hospitals or in clinics, I see people struggling with themselves; With life, love, loss , human emotions, success, failure; It is a blessing to help them, and they inspire me and my music, as hopefully i inspire them in their healing "

"It is best to pursue Excellence, not Success. For Success will surely follow "
"Sometimes the journey is better than the destination."

CURRENT UPDATES : Working on some new Blues-Rock tracks at our Chicago recording studio , and auditioning for a rythm guitarist!

Please, join me and my band of brothers as we continue our Sonic Voyage, and take you along with us.

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