Our gig at Dao Sushi on Black Friday!

Well, it has been a hectic few weeks for me. Relocating is not fun, even if it is from one Chicago suburb to another! In the middle of work, packing, managing the household and kids, and having this Dao Sushi gig 3 days before I close on a house,lol! 

But we had a blast, and the show was a roaring success, thanks to you, the fans!  A big thank you to all those who came out to see us ! You are AWESOME and the support you give us is amazingly appreciated! We had a 2 hour set, and we played a fun medley of originals, classic rock and modern rock songs. 

Meanwhile, at my personal recording studio, I am putting the finishing touches on two new songs which we have been playing live. They will be a part of our 2016 album. My previous album was all recorded by me and all instruments were played by me. (before i formed the band) But in these new songs, I have Grant and Robert playing bass and drums, and the tracks just came to life with our collective energies recorded on tape! 

Cant wait for 2016. Its going to be a great year. I hope the same for you and your families

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