Busy week!

Thursday : Band practise with Robert and Grant, followed by an open mic session at Ed n Joes Pizzeria in Tinley Park, doing a solo set. (They have awesome thin-crust pizza!)

Then next Friday is our gig at WIRE, (www.wireismusic.com) in Berwyn, Illinois. Looking forward to that.. Thank you to all of you fans, friends who have said they will come. We could use the support. Having a good turnout at these smaller gigs eventually gets us bigger, better ones. Next year I really want to his more summer festivalsand have our extended family (fans, friends) out there too with us. ! Cant wait...

Will be laying down some vocal tracks this weekend too on our two new tracks. 

Oh ,and Band merchandise is cominnnng!  Some awesome pens (everyeone needs pens at my workplace) and we have some cool coasters that I will give away at bars, and clubs!


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