Whats up!

Closing out the year with a show at Tufano's restaurant for some great Firefighters Engine 5! 
Also, mixing my latest track 'This World We Live In', and hopefully will get it mastered by the new year!.
Applying to a bunch…

Playing at Lincoln Park Zoo's Cafe Brauer

Excited to play this Thursday July 28th, and again on August 11th at Café Brauer, inside Lincoln Park Zoo! We will be playing on the patio in the back overlooking the pond! Should be a beautiful venue to play at…

Playing in the city / New album coming this year!

We have a cool gig in the city at the Estate Ultra Bar, a bar with a rooftop lounge overlooking the Chicago river, and with an amazing view of the Chicago skyline! Monday May 23rd, 6 pm! Yes , its…

Our gig at Dao Sushi on Black Friday!

Well, it has been a hectic few weeks for me. Relocating is not fun, even if it is from one Chicago suburb to another! In the middle of work, packing, managing the household and kids, and having this Dao Sushi…

Summer plans

First of all, a big thank you!  for coming out to our last show at the Wire and making it such a huge success! Now ,it is time to slow it down and work on developing the new webpage some…

Busy week!

Thursday : Band practise with Robert and Grant, followed by an open mic session at Ed n Joes Pizzeria in Tinley Park, doing a solo set. (They have awesome thin-crust pizza!)

Then next Friday is our gig at WIRE, (…

Rehearsing tommorrow

Rehearsing tommorrow for our show next Friday. Also, we will be welcoming Ian Sebastian (guitarist) to jam with us tomorrow, and see if he'd like to join our band!